Semana Uno!!

This first week at the MTC has been amazing! There is so much to do, you’re busy all day!
I love the feeling of the Spirit here on the MTC gounds. Our Branch President told us something that was super cool during our first devotional on the 6th. He said that the Spirit is always around us, we make the decision to turn His presence and influence on High or Low by our actions. It is so applicaple here! I’ve noticed that the more I desire the Spirit to be with me, the more that I feel his companionship. I just have to make the decision to turn Him on High, and not do anything that would make Him leave my side.
I’ve got two awesome companions right now! They are Elder Scott-Banks and Elder Roberts. They are from North Carolina, and Payson Utah. Both of them have a zeal for the work, and are super good examples for me. Elder-Scott-Banks is an amazing spanish speaker, and got his departure date bumped up til next tuesday instead of the 4th of February!! He is going to the Chile Rancagua mission as well, so I’ll see him in a few months! Elder Roberts has a super kind personality. He is able to love everybody and has a sincere desire to know how everybody’s day is going.
Oh, so something funny that happened the second day here. We teach ‘investigators’ pretty much everyday. We were teaching a guy named Freddy, who was raised in the Catholic church. I was trying to explain what prophets are while relating it back to the Pope. In Spanish, the word for the Pope is El Papa, and the word for potatoe is la papa. Yeah, so I told him that the Catholic church was led by a potatoe and he called me out on it. It was super embarrassing!
On Sunday, we watched a devotional given last Christmas by Elder Bednar. It was called ‘The Character of Christ’. Watch it. It is kind of the most famous talk here at the MTC right now. He goes into how the natural man is like the cookie moster who ”wants cookie now”. He also said that as we become more Christlike, we will not only beome more pacient in waiting for blessings, but will learn to turn outward instead of inward. There was a story he told about a mother who just lost her only daughter in a car accident that she and her two friends were in. The second she found out that it was her daughter tthat had been killed, she turned outward and looked for ways to serve the families of the other two girls who had been seriously injured. Elder Bednar asked us to look for times in the New Testament that Christ turned outward to serve others. I did that, and in Mark I found the story of when he healed Jarius’ daughter. On the way to Jarius’ house he healed the woman with the issue of blood. Half-way to the house, a servant told Jarius that his daughter had died from her illness. Instantly, Christ told him to be of good cheer and have faith. When they got to the house, Christ said that she wasn’t dead, but was asleep instead. The scripture says ”they laughed him to scorn”. Instead of being offended or anything else he turned outward again! He took her parents, Peter, James, and John into the room where the daughter lay dead and healed her.That was all in just one chapter! It”s been a real eye-opener for me of how I need to learn to turn outward more than inward and serve others at all times, even if I feel like I am in need of service instead.
Well, I love the MTC! The food is awesome! I started limiting myself to one plate per meal, because my suit was getting tight! I know that Christ lives, and that the Atonement provides a way for us to return to live with God again. I love this Gospel. Keep the faith! Oh, and write me! Nothing makes your day here like gettting mail!
Con Amor,
Elder Willis

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