Second Week at the CCM


This past week at the MTC has been awesome!! I feel like my last email was super scattered, so this week I wrote up a plan of what I want to talk about!

On Tuesday one of my companions left for Chile! He is going to the same mission that I am going to, but is amazing at spanish so they had to get him away from us before we corrupted his grammar. Now it is just Elder Roberts and I! He is such an awesome Elder, and I have so much to learn from him.

On Sunday we had a member of the Seventy come and speak to us. His name was Elder C. Scott Grow and it was an amazing talk! He spoke about the pre-requisites to receiving revelation. It was awesome! He talked about how our Agency is the only gift from God that He cannot take back from us. Instead, we must choose to give that back to Him by aligning our will to His. It made me think a lot about how I need to change some of the things that I do and give my agency back to Him.

Our branch president here is absolutely amazing! There is a rumor going around that he is one of the three Nephites, and I actually believe it! Jk, but he is awesome! He gave us a special devotional about how to recognize the Spirit and not everyone receives the ‘burning in the bosom’. The way he put it was that ‘not everybody is born with heaters’. Some of the ways we can tell if we have the Spirit is if we are cheerful. I thought that was interesting, because there are a lot of times that I don’t feel like I have the Spirit, but in reality I do.

One thing I have really learned here is the importance of writing things down. If you receive a prompting to do something, write it down or you might forget. And after you’ve written it down, re-read it and you are entitled to additional revelation. We have these super handy day planners that help me a ton with that. The more I use it, the more I feel the Spirit working through me!

We are teaching 3 ‘investigators’ right now. They are really just our teachers acting like people they taught on their missions, but I’ve learned so much from them! Yesterday, we taught Leonardo. My companion and I had a prayer before we went into the room, and because of that I could feel the spirit helping me say what I wanted to say. It wasn’t perfect. Or anywhere close to it. But, there were a few times when I was speaking, that the conjugation for a verb would just pop into my head instead of having to think about it forever. The gift of tongues is real, but it is something that we have to work at just like every gift of the Spirit.

So we have some really funny Elders in our district! One is from Texas and has a deep Texas drawl when he speaks. The other is from American Fork and just says the funniest things! The two of them are comps and keep our stress levels from building up too much! But this past week I asked the Texan if they consider themselves incorporated into the US. His reply in his deep Texan accent was, ‘depends what you idiots are doin’!’ The Elder from American fork always jokes about going in to lessons and asking the investigators ‘ud tiene ropas blancas!?’ which means ‘do you have any white clothes?!’. They are two of my favorite Elders!

Well now for a bit of a Spiritual thought. This Christmas season we really should remember the true reason we give gifts. It is in similitude of Christ giving us the best gift we could ever receive! I saw some symbolism while I was sitting in our classroom earlier this week. The water during baptism symbolizes death and the grave, but when Christ walked on the water to the apostles, I thought of how he literally overcame and rose above the grave! Never forget what an amazing gift the Atonement and Gospel of Jesus Christ is in our life. I would invite you each to think of someone you could invite to hear the missionary discussions. Even during the fake lessons we teach to our teachers, I can see what happiness and peace the Gospel brings into lives of those who don’t know. We often take it for granted. Study Preach My Gospel. You never know when you might need to teach the Lesson of the Restoration to a friend, of how to explain all of the Plan of Salvation. Nowhere in Preach My Gospel does it say ‘Missionaries Only, Members back off’. It is our best resource for learning how to share the gospel, and you are the missionaries best resource for finding people to hear the Gospel. Keep the Elders in Mesa busy! Don’t let them knock a single door! jk, but really pray for people you know who might be ready to hear the Gospel. It may surprise you who is actually ready and willing to hear. But our job as members is not to baptize, it is to invite all to come to Christ- Preach My Gospel page 1!
Well I love you all! Keep up the great work, and raise your personal bar every day!
I cant really remember what pictures I put up, but one or two are of my companions and I, one I think is my comps and my first ZL’s, and the other is of my parents and I right before we drove across the street to the CCM!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Willis!


One comment on “Second Week at the CCM

  1. Sounds like you are doing great. Hope you had a nice Christmas. Keep up the good work.

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