Un mes pasado, un mes mas

Well, I’m halfway done at the MTC, but past week has been interesting! Monday they came out and told us that we were not allowed to give hugs or handshakes anymore because of the flu season. Well guess who got sick that night!? I was stuck in bed all day Tuesday and lost 4 pounds! But thanks to medicine and an amazing blessing from my companion, I’m feeling better than ever! Just about everyone else in the district has gotten sick too, but I definatey got the worst of it. The funny thing, is that Sunday night a counselor in the branch presidency came by and was talking to us about how you have to be sick sometimes so that you can understand how others feel when they are feeling sick. Well, now I know!
It has been an awesome week for Spanish as well! As a zone, we decided to set aside Thursday for spanish only. It is amazing how much the Spirit is able to fill in the blanks when you do your best and rely on Him. I’ve definatley seen the gift of Tongues start to work more and more on me. Two cool things that I saw in spanish this past week! The verb ‘esperar’ means to wait and to hope for. It made me think about how when we have hope for a blessing or anything else, we also have to be patient and wait for that blessing to come. In the scriptures, faith and patience are often found right next to each other. Another thing I thought was interesting was that in spanish there are two verbs that mean ‘to be’. One refers to more permanent traits like personality, color,  or occupation. The other refers to traits or conditions that change often like location or mood. Anywaayyy, in order to say that someone is dead or alive, you use the second verb which typically refers to conditons that change. It was interesting to me, because we aren’t dead forever! We will all be resurrected again and have perfected bodies. It was just cool to see that the Spanish language undertands gospel doctrine better than the people who speak it. jk
Elder Roberts and I have been teaching our investigator Leonardo more, and he told us that he knows it is true, but is afraid of what his family would think if he joins. For our last lesson, we read from 1st Nephi 8 about the tree of life, and especially about all those who listened to the scorn and mockings of the people from the great and spacious building fall away. We invited him to pray for strength and to ask God if this was the right thing for him to do even though his family might not like it. We teach him again tonight, and I’m so excited to see what answer he got and to talk with him some more. I have definatley seen the importance of establishing of good relationship with investigators early on. It makes all the difference. When you start talking more about gospel topics, it gets very personal. If the investigator doesn’t trust us, they won’t open up and tell us what is on their minds and we won’t be able to help them. We took one lesson very chill and just sat and talked with Leonardo to see how he was doing and what we could do to help him. We brought him some Latin soda called Sangria, and just read a chapter from the Book of Mormon and talked about it and how it could help him in his life. I can’t wait to do this for real with people in Chile!
I have also seen the importance of members in missionary work. Relationships are key. But a friend of a friend is alot better than a random person who knocks on your door asking to talk to you. That’s where the members come in!  Members already have relationships with their neighbors that missionaries don’t have, and don’t really have the time to create. It is the members’ job to invite their friends to hear the message the missionaries have to share. Even if they don’t accept it, they aren’t going to hate you for inviting them to hear about something that means alot in your life. As missionaries, and members, our job is to invite people to come to Christ, not to be baptized. So I would just invite you all to prayerfully search for people you know that may be ready to hear the message the missionaries have to offer. Keep the Elders busy!
I hope you are all doing well, and I hope to hear from you soon! The Church is true, and Christ truly is our Savior and Redeemer. His Sacrifice have enabled all of us to return to God again. Without it we would all be lost. For that I am forever greatful.
Les amo!
Elder Willis

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