¡Semana ocho!

What a week! We heard from a member of the Seventy of Tuesday, and he gave an awesome talk about how faith brings miracles. He challenged us all to develop the faith that can bring miracles in our own lives. He also promised us that as we live faithfully and work hard, we will see miracles during our mission and after. The one thing I thought was cool about what he said, was that a miracle doesn´t always have to be a huge parting of the red sea event. We have miracles happen everyday! We just have to look for God´s hand in our life and we will see all the miracles he has performed for us during that day! It was Elder Bednar that would look back at each day and look for God´s hand in his life. He said that as we do that, we allow God to have a bigger part in our life, because we are willing to recognize all that he does for us.
Some other stuff that happened this week! We were able to host new missionaries again on Wednesday! And while we were waiting  on the curb, a car drove past and gave us a hamburger from Wendy´s. ¡¡DELICIOSO!! it might have been the highlight of that day! Also, we have been teaching an investigator named Patricio alot more. He is progressing slowly but surely.His biggest problem is developing faith. But, he has been praying and reading scriptures more, which are two of the best ways to develop faith about this Church. As a companionship, we have been working on asking better questions. The best way to teach someone something is to have them find the answer for themselves. That is where good questions come into play! The trick is thinking of a good soul searching question, translating it into spanish, and then asking it before the moment is gone. But we are getting there!
The MTC presidency was reorginized this past week. The new president is President Nally, with President Roach and President Hacking as counselors. They are awesome! President Nally was actually a counselor last year, but was released to prepare for the call to be president. It got me thinking how prepared each one of us is to serve the Lord. If the call came that we would be leaving in two months, would we be ready? Would we be willing to leave everything to go? I know it would be a trial of faith, but I know it would be possible. There was an Elder in my district (who is serving in Phoenix now actually!) who got his mission call 5 days before he reported!! He had put his life in order before hand and was ready to come to the MTC after just 5 days. He is an amazing Elder who teaches powerfully by the Spirit.
There really wasn´t a whole lot else that happened this week! Just working hard and learning tons to be as ready as possible to leave for Chile in 10 days! The time at the MTC has flown by! And I´m scared the rest of my mission will do the same. But I know that working one day at a time, as hard as possible, will be the best way to spend the next two years. And having a good laugh here and there when appropriate! Well, I hope all is going well in each of your lives, and I would love to hear from you all! A missionary can never have too much mail! I´ll send my mission address and some pictures in an email later today!
les amo mucho!
Elder Willis

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