Hey! This has been an awesome week! Yesterday we had a whole day of ´in-field’ training. Basically, it was a whole day about how to be a missionary outside the MTC. It was a ton of fun, and I learned a lot! I think my favorite part was about finding new people to teach. They say to be creative and make finding methods that will work for where ever you serve. I’m stoked to get to Chile and start talking to people about the amazing message we have to share!
Also this week, we have the opportunity to host new missionaries again. I feel like I write about this every week, but this week was extra cool! When I woke up that morning, I wasn’t in a super Christ-like mood. I lost my voice Monday night and my throat has been hurting all week, and that night an Elder left for his mission super early in the morning and I got even less sleep. All morning I was trying to be more positive and act like a missionary, but it wasn’t really happening. I said a prayer and asked God to help me to be more positive. After that we went and started hosting the new missionaries and showing them around. It totally put me in a better mood!! I realized that the best way to be happy is to turn out and serve other people. After hosting, the whole rest of the day flew by and I was super happy. I definitely learned my lesson about the importance of serving others even when I’m not exactly in the mood to do it.
For our Tuesday Devotional this week, Elder L Whitney Clayton from the 1st Quorum of Seventy came and talked to us. He spoke a lot about companionships and how that is the pattern the Lord has set for us from the beginning. Adam was the first person on the Earth, but Eve was soon after. As companionships, our responsibilities are to lift, encourage, support, and protect each other to do better. A cool experience about supporting each other happened last night while Elder Roberts and I were teaching Patricio. With my voice being gone, I told him that he would probably have to lead out in the lesson tonight instead of me. This lesson was easily the best lesson we have had so far! We both shared our Testimonies about the doctrine we were teaching, involved Patricio, and shared speaking time evenly. I could really feel the Spirit in the lesson as we both supported and helped each other teach as a companionship.
I was thinking earlier today about a quote about missionary work and home teaching. I cant remember who it is by, but it essentially says ‘missionary work is nothing more than home teaching to non-members, and home teaching is nothing more than missionary work to members’. This made me think a lot about how I could apply the things I’ve learned as a missionary to home teaching when I get back. For example, as missionaries we invite all to come to Christ. We do this by inviting people to make and keep commitments. I think that the same approach could be applied to home teaching. Leaving a commitment with our home teaching families will help them to come closer to Christ, as they work to improve their relationship with Him.
Well, I hope everything is going well for all of you! It is weird to think that the next time I email, I will be on the other side of the Globe! Know that you are in my prayers!
¡Con amor!
-Elder Willis

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