Hey how is it going!? Chile is so amazing! The people here are super nice and ready to learn! My first area is called los olmos in the city el bosque. It  is in the northern most part of the mission just outside of Santiago. I love it! My trainer is Elder Robbins and he is so cool! He is from Ceder City Utah, and he is such a great missionary! 
So this past week, we have been working alot to find new people to teach. Not that we dont already have a ton to teach, but we are always looking for more! Alot of this mission is reactivating the members here, so that is what we are working on also. One family two families we have been working with are Pamela and Ashlie, and Yazna and Luisa. ¡They are super bacan! (Chile´s equivelant to cool). Ashlie is 11 and has a baptismal date  for next week. She is really smart for her age, and is always helping me with my spanish. Her mom is a member, but has been inactive for a few years. Yesterday we talked to her about prayer and the need to pray daily as a family. During the lesson, my testimony of prayer was reaffirmed. If we start each day out with a personal prayer and a family prayer, satan´s power to tempt us is weakened -DyC 10:5. Yazna and Luisa are both members too. Yazna is 22 and has 2 young sons. She lives with her mom Pamela. They are such a nice family! We passed by the other night to see how they were doing, and they let us in to talk for a bit. They also invited us to eat ´once´ with them. We had completos italianos. They are basically hot dogs, but with palta (guacamole without seasoning) mayo, tomatos, and ketchup. Super good!! You should definately give them a shot! The family came to church yesterday, and it is awesome to see how much happiness the gospel can bring into their lives when they start to live it. All blessings come by obedience, but we have to start being obedient in order to be blessed. 
All in all I am loving Chile! There are dogs everywhere, their spanish is super hard to understand, and they add -ito and po to every word they say, but I love it!! I know that this is where I am supposed to be, and that the Lord has a work for us to do here in los olmos! We are going to follow the spirit and accomplish everything we have been sent here to do! I know that Christ will support me as I turn for Him for help. 
I hope all is going well back in the states!
les amo mucho!
Elder Willis!

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