Week 2 in Chile

Hey all!!

So its weird, but I have already been in Chile for 2 weeks!! The time flies by! This area is absolutely amazing! We are teaching a lot of awesome people, and the members of the local ward are awesome at helping us out! I want to tell you about somehting that happened last night! We went to talk to a family and have a family home evening with them. The week before they asked me if I would teach the lesson so I could practice my spanish. Well, thats what I did. I decided to read the story of the apostles going fishing after Christ was resurrected with the family and talk about what we need to do as members to ´feed my sheep´. We talked about how as members of the church, and followers of Christ we have the same call as the apostles. In order to fulfill this call, we need to attend church, read the scriptures, and say our prayers so that we will be prepared to help others when the time comes. We cant ^feed sheep^ if we dont have any food can we? During the lesson, the member that came with us bore his testimony and committed the family to start coming back to church and to prepare themselves to be sealed together forever in the Temple. The Spirit was so strong during the lesson, and I know that they felt it. I saw their son who is 18 years old, and I know the Spirit bore witness to him that the member´s words were true. 
I love Chile, and I love the Chileans! They are so funny!! We had a baptism for a woman named Regina on Saturday. She is absolutely amazing! She found the missionaries herself, and asked what time sacrament meeting starts! She has read everything we have given her, and bore her testimony in church before she was even baptized! I have no doubt that she will be a strong member for the rest of her life! We have plans to go to the Santiago temple with her in a month to help her with her family history work!
This coming Saturday a girl named Ashlie will be baptized. She is 11 years old, and is super funny! She is really smart and has a huge desire to be baptsized. Her mom was a member, and we have been working on getting her reactivated. Her name is Pamela and is super super awesome too! She said that she has been inactive for a long time, but is serious about getting back into the church, and is working on getting an interview for her patriarcal blessing!! I love this family! I want to get her parejo involved in the church too. The only problem is that they are not married and that he doesnt live there at the house with them. His name is Mauricio and is great! We are going to try working with him more, and hopefully he will be at the baptism for Ashlie and feel the spirit!
Something my companion and I have been working alot on is talking with families. We set a goal this next week to find a fmaily that the Lord has prepared for us to teach here in los Olmos. The gospel of Jesus Christ is centered around familes, and it blesses families immensly. While we are walking, we look for families who are sitting in parks or walking down the street, and we talk to them about how their families. It works super well! Last night we talked to a guy and he said that he didnt have time, but to come back by tonight and his whole family would be there!! We will see what happens, because alot of people flake out on missionaries, but I´m really hoping and praying they will all be there!!
Okay, funny story about Pamela and her family!! We went by on Saturday to do service for her, and afterward Elder Robbins was talking about how he thought he had an ingrown toenail. She offered to look at it and then to cut the nail so it would get better. Elder Robbins let her, and she went to town on his toe!! She cut both sides of the nail up to the root!! He was wincing in pain the whole time, but couldnt offend the Hermana, so he kept saying it was fine. haha if he didnt have an ingrown toenail before, Im sure he will now!!
I hope all is going good for you! Know that you are in my prayers!
¡con mucho amor!
Elder Willis

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