Hi everyone,

It is going super well here!! We are working super hard here in the sector and have a lot of people to teach. The hard part is getting back into the houses to teach the next lesson. But things are starting to look up. We should have a lot of success this change if we keep working in the direction we have been headed! Ill finish answering what you wrote me, then I will get more specific with our investigators!

It is starting to get frescito here at night, and my comp got a bit resfriado because we sleep next to an open window. But he is better now, and we will see how my immune system holds up. I had my fill of being sick back at the MTC, so hopefully Chile agrees with me.

Okay! Investigator time!! We have Corina, David, José, Lucas, Maria and Angel, Jorge and Elizabeth, Jamine, and a ton of others, but lets see how much time I have to write about these few haha.
Corina is the friend of Ashley who got baptized last week. She is 18 and told us she has desires to learn more and start coming to church. She used to go to church when she was younger, but hasn’t since her brother died. Also her mom is a member. We are going to start teaching her this week, but so far have only helped her with some English homework and got to know her a bit more. We will see how it goes!
David is 10 and both of his parents are members. I found them while I was on splits, and their family is so cool!! They invited us over for a Noche de hogar, and made us salmon empenadas! They were pretty good! The parents are named Karen and David. We are working on helping them to understand the things they were taught when they were baptized and hopefully get them to start coming to church. They haven’t gone since they were in their teens. But they have another son who has cerebral palsy i think. but he is in a wheel chair is super fun to be around!
José is the guy we are teaching to read and write! He is really cool and has the ganas to come to church and learn more, but never acts on them. We taught him about baptism and the authority needed to baptize, but im not sure how much he understood.
Lucas is the son of a menos activo family. They are really fun to be around and love to have us in their house. but like most all Chileans, they are super flojo…. So we are doing a noche de hogar there and are going to watch 17 milagros to try and show them that we all have to make sacrifices and they need to go to church. we will see what happens though, because they promised they would be there yesterday, but didn’t show…
Maria and Angel are pretty cool. We found Angel by contacting and then when we went back by he invited us in to say a prayer for his wife who is sick. They are super viejos!! But they listened to lesson 1 about the restoration, and Angel read the assignment we left him. We left him with another assignment to read 2nd Nephi 31, and I’m hoping he reads it!
Jorge and Elizabeth are a funny story… They are a brother and sister in their 50’s Elder Robbins found him when we were on splits with some members. They tell us that they know our church is true, that they know Joseph Smith was a prophet, etc etc. But they didn’t accept that the baptism they had in the evangelical church isn’t valid. Elizabeth actually told me that their pastor got his sacerdocio the same way as Joseph Smith. Needless to say, we didn’t follow that one through because we didn’t want to start anything, but they are going to need to understand more about the sacerdocio before they go anywhere.
Jasmine is someone we found this past week and she is pretty cool. She accepted lesson 1, and at the end had some good questions about the churches stance on women working and gays in the church. I was able to bear personal testimony about both, and it turned into a very good lesson. She is really smart, and is only 14. But we will see where is goes!Love you all,
Elder Willis


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