Week of the día de los jóvenes combatient​es!

¡¡Hola!! ¿Cómo estái?
Well its been a while since I wrote a letter like this, but I wanted to let you all know Im alive and well! Working hard and learning from the Spirit daily!
This week was kind of rough, because my companion got sick, and our animo was down. But even during the roughest weeks, you can always find some highlights! For example, even though my companion was sick and didnt have a ton of animo, we had were able to teach Karen and David about the Plan of Salvation and how families can be together forever! And they have a son named Matías, who is physically and I think a little mentally handicapped. At the end of the lesson, we asked them to close their eyes and imagine what it will be like to live in the celestial kingdom with God, Jesus Christ, and our families. Karen started to cry and David said he can imagine Matías walking around and playing with other kids. It was such a sweet experience to be able to teach them about the plan God has for us! We went back yesterday to answer the question that Karen had, which was ´what do we have to do to make it to the Celestial Kingdom?´ We helped her set the goal to make it to the temple with her family to be sealed. I had a feeling during the first lesson that they were all going to be sealed in the temple, and that we were going to be lifelong friends. Its weird, but when we first found Karen she looked really familiar, and everytime I see her I feel like I have known her forever! The picture of the family is Karen, David, David chico (Nacho), and Matías! I love them so much!!
Something else I learned this week was that alot of people just need some encouaragement and support! For example, we have never met our ward mission leader. And my comp has been here almost 6 months. He works outside of Chile, and is never really home. We decided to pass by his house and see if he was there on Sunday before church. Well guess what? He was actually home! We invited him to come to church half in hour before is started and he said ´Okay bueno, yo voy!´ It was crazy!! He showed up a little late to church, but he actually showed up! And stayed for Sunday school too! I’m starting to realize alot of people are just waiting for the invitation to start coming back to church. We work alot with menos activo families too, and we found one named the Bahamonde familia. They are really cool, and he knows a ton about what is going on the church and things like that. We went by his house and he is super receptive. We dont really know why he quit coming to church, but we feel like he just needs an invitation to start coming again. A ton of people just need the support of friends to get them jumpstarted again! We found a menos activo single mom and her son as they were moving back into their house after vacation. We invited them to church, taught a noche de hogar with them about prayer and scripture study, and they started to come and read and pray! All it takes is someone to reach out and invite! Look for people in your ward/around you that need that support and do it!!
The other picture is of mate. Chilenismo of the week is mate. Well it is more of an Argentine and gringo thing, but igual! It is a drink that looks super gross, but tastes super good!! You buy the yerba in a supermercado, put it in the bottom of a cup with your bomiblla, pour hot water in it, and add drops of liquid sweetener to taste! It is bomb! Also it is way good with crackers or juice instead of water!
This week is also the week before Easter, and I want to pose a challenge! Read the talk by Elder Holland ´And None Were With Them.´ This is one of my all time favorite talks, and I am reminded of the power of the Atonement each time I read it. This talk helped me get through the death of my grandma the week before I left for my mission. I know that what it says is true. Because Christ walked such a lonely path alone, we can have the strength and support to do whatever we have to in this life! We just have to rely on Him always through pray and live His Gospel with faith. So the challenge is read the talk, ponder on the message it shares, and think of some way you can rely more on the Savior, or a way you can reach out to someone else who needs that support right now.
I hope all is well for you wherever you are! Know that you are in my prayers and I love you all!
Con mucho cariño!
Elder Willis!!

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