April 3, 2013

Hey all!

Everything here is going super well! Día de los jóvenes combatientes passed without too much ado! We heard a ton of bullets, but we were in the house and were totally fine! There are some pretty cool stories to tell you all after the mission though! I have definitely learned that the Spirit will protect us from any danger as long as we are living obediently. That is the key. Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles. We can always look for ways to be a little bit more obedient. Making the little sacrifices are sometimes really hard, but by small and simple means we can show the Lord that we are willing to serve Him and not the world. Try and find these little things to prove the Lord your willingness to serve Him!
Funny story this week! I saved a kitten from a dog!! We were contacting a street when a dog snagged a kitten and started throwing it around. The owner was screaming and asking for help, but then the dog and cat ran under a car and all we could hear were barks from the dog and scared cat screams. I crawled under the car, pulled the kitten under my chest, and swatted at the dog until he gave up and then I pulled the cat out from under the car. I also got to scream at the dog in Spanish which was pretty fun! But the kitten bit by thumb because it was scared jaja. The entire street came out to watch, and it turned into a good PR experience for us. I think the kitten died still, but it was alive when I pulled it out from under the car!! We are going to contact the house again to see how the cat is doing and see if we cant get in and teach them! 
A catch up on the people we are teaching! We set a Fecha with Lucas, Angel, Javiera, and her uncle this week! The lesson with Lucas was probably my favorite. His mom asked us to teach him about making choices and how they can affect our lives. She tied Harry Potter and the Sorting hat into it too which was pretty cool. She said that we all have the potential to be really good or really bad, and like Harry, we have to choose between Slytherin or Gryffindor (Harry Potter fans just bear with me here). She said that the choices we make can affect a lot more that just the day we make them, and that some can affect our entire lives. I took that opportunity to invite him to be baptized. We told him that we were going to give him a chance to make a choice that could change his entire life for the better, and then asked him if he wanted to be baptized! It was a really spiritual lesson and his mom was super supportive of his decision! Now we just have to get her to start coming to church too, because she is super super floja…. But así es en Chile… Also, yesterday we were contacting some menos activos and we found a Canadian latino who speaks really good English!! He lived there for 20 years and speaks like the 80’s and 90’s! But he enjoys the Mayan culture and was telling us about the White God who came to visit them, but how they don’t have any records of it. Just that his face is carved on their temples. We gave him a lámina of when Christ came to the Americas and we are going to go back and teach him about the Book of Mormon next Sunday! I have a good feeling about  him! His mother in law is 102 years old too!!! Karen and David are doing good. We haven’t been able to see them this week, but we were told that Matías got a little sick, so hopefully this next week we will get to teach them again!
In other news, last night we had cambios especiales!! I am in a trio now with Elder Hallsted! He is the Reis´s nephew!!! It is such a small world when you are a Mormon! He reminds me a lot of Scott, and I am really excited to learn from him. Its not that I don’t like Elder Robbins by any means, Im just really excited to learn from an Elder that is just about to die in the mission and see what advice he has for me! Its going to be a great change! Hopefully I stay with him for another change after this! PLUS! He knows the secret Reis family recipe for buttermilk syrup and we are making pancakes this week just to have some syrup!!! SO STOKED!!!:)
Two things that made me think this week. One was during ward conference. The stake president was talking about the Word of Wisdom. He asked the ward about some specifics in the middle of his talk like ´is mate against the word of wisdom? is ecco against the word of wisdom?´ neither are against the word of wisdom. Then he went on to say that when we live too strict or too lax the word of wisdom we are doing it wrong!! It got me thinking about how sometimes we try to limit ourselves when we don’t have to. The word of wisdom is super straightforward. When we limit ourselves more than is states, we aren’t doing what God wants. He set the law and when we try to adjust it we are making our own make law. Obviously you adjust it for your own diet if a specific type of food is bad for you, but other than that we are to live the law that he set and nothing more and nothing less. I really liked it! The other thing that got me thinking was while going to Santiago on Tuesday! We took the micro, and to board the micro you are supposed to scan your bip which takes like 500 pesos off your card. But a ton of people, literally about half on the micro, just walk past the scanners or say permiso. It got me thinking about why we follow the law even when we dont have to. For example, there was nobody  there that would kick them off the bus for not paying, so therefore why even pay? Not saying i didnt want to pay, but it got me thinking a lot about how ´whats wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it, and whats right is right even if nobody is doing it´. It really comes down to integrity. We obey the law not because somebody is watching, but because the law is the law and that is what we know we are supposed to do! As a missionary it is really easy to justify to not live a certain rule or do something a certain why just because ´no other missionary does it´ or ´every other missionary is way worse´. But when it comes down to it, whats wrong is wrong. That is all there is to it! 
Everything else here in Chile is going super well! I hope you all had a great Easter, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on skype in a few weeks! If you could get me the cinnamon roll recipe I would really appreciate it:)
Con mucho amor!
Elder Willis!

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