Hey All!

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Hey Family!!

So this past week has been super awesome!! It ended on a sad note, but I will get to that later.
Frist off, I got your Easter Package!! Thank you so much!! I loved it so much, and so did my comps! It wasnt quite like Easter at home, but it was really close! Thank you so much!!
We taught Ines and Francesca this week. Turns out it is a whole family! And they are married!! Ines is married to Nelson, and their children are Francesca, Micheal, and another daughter whose name I dont remember… But they are really cool! We taught them the lesson about the restoration, and they really liked it. Ines told us later that she prayed and it went really well! We went by again last night. Nelson is a really laid back guy who looks a bit gruffy on the outside, but is a real family guy and loves his kids. They are all coming to our English class this next week! Francesca goes to a school called Liahona. Believe it or not, with a name like that it is run by a couple of members. The member who left us the reference saw her wearing the Liahona tie (all the schools have uniforms here) and started asking her if she was Mormon. Well she isn’t, but Ines really likes what the school teaches and the values it expects. We are going back in a week to teach them the first lesson again and invite them to be baptized. Also, Nelson works in the Estación Central selling American clothes. But what is cooler, is that he sells fardos de corbatas. Which are huge bags of ties (20 kilo bags or bigger) for way cheap! We are going to get a fardo and get some really cool ties from him!!
During planning meeting this week, we decided to go big, and made pancakes with the Reis family buttermilk syrup recipe! They were soooooo gooooddd!! It was like a little taste of home in Chile! So much fun!!
The last photo and the sad part of the week is of the three of us taken yesterday after church in a recent convert’s house. Remember Ashlie who got baptized about a month ago? Her house! Elder Robbins left last night. He was special changed down to Rancagua as a ZL, which leaves Elder Hallsted and I here in los Olmos alone. It is a weird feeling. It was even weirder to watch my mission dad get in the van and drive away from the house. But I’m super excited to keep working here in the sector. We have a ton of work to do, and all the member support to get it done!! One goal I have is to get the ward a mission leader who is ready to work hard! Hopefully it will happen soon!
Funny story for this week! We were contacting this little street over in a sketchier side of the sector. A member used to live in the col de sac of this street, and he warned us about the dogs there. He said they were mean, but the last time we went there they didn’t bother us. Well this time, one of them was being a little rowdy and pretend charging Elder Hallsted. He bent over to pick up a rock to show him who is boss, and as he did that another dog snuck up behind him and almost bit his arm!! It was crazy! Right after that a neighbor came out and shooed them all away. But Elder Hallsted still had a good adrenaline rush!
I hope everything is going good for you all! I’m loving Chile! The people here are so kind and fun! I’m learning a ton, and learning to get out of my comfort zones. I started doing yoga too. It is really relaxing. But it is also super hard and hurts like crazy!!! If you get a chance, give it a shot!
I’m excited to hear from you all! Especially Andrew! I really want to hear from you bud! During conference there was a talk that really stuck out to me and made me think of you! It was by Robert D Hales during Preisthood session. That and the one by Tad R Callister in the same session. If you have the chance, read them both again. There is so much we can learn from them!! I hear you are doing alot of great work for the Lord there bud. Keep it up! I’m proud of you!
I love you all family! If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know!
Con mucho amor!
Elder Willis

One comment on “Hey All!

  1. Kami Wills says:

    It sounds like you are having a really great experience. We love you and pray for you often. Stay safe!

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