May 6, 2013

So this letter has alot of what I sent to Pres, and some of the stuff I sent to other people, but all of it is good!! jk
I’m doing really good here in los olmos. I am working hard on improving my  teaching ability and letting the Spirit guide the lesson. Things are  coming along really well! I love this ward, and all the members here! I feel like there is alot more work I need to do here, with a few families in particular. I have been doing alot of thinking lately, and have  decided to start doing a consecration of everything I do. I have been  trying to do what you taught today during the last week. Looking at every hard choice to make as a chance to make a sacrafice and show my willingess to serve the Lord and the Chilean people. It really helps to keep focused and progressing. I have noticed it is so easy to fall into a rut of saying ´I can already speak the language good enough, and I am more obedient that 90% of the other Elders´. But that isn’t what the Lord expects. He expects us to be obedient for ourselves, and to make sacrifices for the people we are teaching. That is what I am working on.
The work here in the sector is going super well!! The Bishop gave us a list of 11 names he wants us to work on, and I am really excited to be able to focus our menos active efforts instead of tackling the  whole list of 1100 members at once. The bishop also called a ward mission leader!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! He is a member that comes out with us regularly and has a lot of interest in working with us elders. He is a  very organized man, and understands the importance of his calling as the bridge between us and the ward. I am really excited to start working  with him! We are working alot with the people we have, and did alot of  walking this past week in trying to find new people to teach. Every cita fell… BUT we are even more ready to find them this next week!!!
I love feeling the Spirit, and here on the mission I am feeling it more than ever. But sometimes I still read it the wrong way haha. Yesterday I was teaching a lady that my first comp told me about. He said she is  super legit and would be a great baptismal candidate. So we were  teaching her and it was a great lesson. I was feeling the Spirit really  strongly! Then I had an idea that I thought was the Spirit telling me to give her a baptismal invitation. So I did it, and then she looked at me funny and said I am already baptized. I was baptized the same day as my husband!! Needless to say I felt pretty dumb, but I quickly sent the  blame to my other comp who left the sector a month ago! pues, pucha!!!  Elder Robbins me mintió!! haha
So a few other cool things that happened this week! Last monday I lost the house keys  and the church keys… They fell out of my pocket as we were getting in  or out of a colectivo. Not entirely sure… But the cool thing is that a week or so before, I had a feeling I should keep the backup keys in my  backpack and take my motorcycle keychain and oil holder off the main  ring. I followed the impression and because of that I still have my  really cool keychain, the oil holder dad gave me, and we were able to  get back into the house!! Bishop is working on getting us new church  keys… haha
On Tuesday morning I woke up to my first earthquake!!! It was so cool!!!  It was a 4.9 on the richter scale and lasted for about 5-10 seconds. But it was way cool!! I kinda want to feel another one, but the scary thing is you never can tell if it is going to keep going and turn into a mega quake, or stay as a temblor. I cant imagine how scared the chileans  were last year when the big one hit… It lasted for 2 minutes!! And had aftershocks for days…. But I know the Lord will always protect us!!
Mucho amor a todos!!
Elder Willis

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