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Well it is crazy to say, but tomorrow marks 6 full months on the mission! I cant believe it has flown by so fast!! Im not really a fan haha

Well, this has been a pretty quick week! We spent alot of the time getting Lucas ready for the baptism, and fighting off the rain!! But in the mean-time, we found a few really awesome families to teach, and our asistencia reached 79 yesterday!!! This ward is seeing miracles and I am blessed to be here to watch too!

This week was changes, and guess what happened!? I am staying here in Los Olmos!!!!! Which also means that my mission will be changing at the end of this month! you can tell bishop to go talk to ´his guy´ and get my plaque changed to Santiago Sur mission!! I was also called to be Co-district leader with Elder Hallsted! Im really excited for this opportunity to learn from the other Elders in the district as I get to work more closely with them!

The baptism on Saturday went really well! I couldnt say his name to save my life though…It is Lucas Alejandro Lizardi Vergara, but they kept saying it outloud and trying to have my repeat it. Wasnt working. But i eventually got it, and it was a really good baptism! Our other baptismal dates all fell this week. The Estay family felt that they wouldnt be ready to drop all their substance problems right now, and another family still needs to start the divorcement process. So we are still working on it.

But on a positive note, yesterday we found another really cool family,and they really have good chances at progressing!! We first found the house about 2 months ago looking for a menos activo family. For some reason the house kept popping up in my mind. We finally got in contact with them, and got to know them yesterday. It turns out that there isnt a single member there, and they have lived there for 9 years. It is really cool to see how the Lord works, becuase we were a little persistent with the house becuase we thought they were all members. But as it turns out, the family is ´Católico a mi manera´ which basically means their whole family before them was catholic, and that they believe in God but have no real ties to a church. Luis started out by telling us he doesnt agree with the catholic priests being celebit, which tied very nicely into what we wanted to talk to them about: how the gospel blesses FAMLIES!! So they really liked what we talked about, and liked that we didnt force it on them or tell them that we have the truth and nobody else does. Although it is true, we just havent told them it yet haha! They invited us back next sunday to have lunch with them!! How cool is that!?! We also have a few good leads with other investigators for this week!

So, how did it go witht the challenge I left you all for last week? Remember what it was?? Well if not, I am going to give it again! Think back to yesterday at church, and think of 1 family that didnt go. During this week find a way to contact them, tell them they were missed, and invite them back for next week! It may seem pointless or something that isnt going to make a difference, but it does!! I am amazed at all the people that are waiting for an invitation to come back to the church! All they need is someone to reach out and be their friend. Next challenge for the week, is look for a new family, investigator family, or less active family that comes to church next week and go out of your way to befriend them!!!! This is so important!!!! Invite them to dessert, ask about their interests, show them to the next class, anything!!!! Just show that you are their to help them, and they will keep coming back!!! Think about how you would feel if the tables were turned. Dont let an investigator come to church and leave without ever talking to anybody but the Elders. Christ would be the first one to run up and talk with them.

Well family, I love you tons!! I cant possibly tell you all the things I am learing here, and the miracles I am seeing as I grow closer to the Savior everyday. It is such a blessing to be here in Chile, even though sometimes it is super hard, I know that Christ is always by my side to lift me up and carry me on. I am learning how to rely on Him more and more each day. There is no way I could possibly do this work without Him!!

os amo mucho!! (vosotros is such a joke!!)

Elder WIllis


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